Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tips: Support World Cup Team with Mail Icons


As the world cup reaching the end and all the qualified countries are preparing for next matches. Why don't you prepare yourself also with your Blackberry. Change your default email icons with rocking icons and support your country or your favorite.

Here is how

  1. Go to Options>Advanced Options>Service Book. Pick email you want to custom. CICAL or CMIME doesnt matter. Click on one of them.

  2. At the Service Record page, note down the UID number.
  3. You can do it directly from your Blackberry or using your PC. Here I use my windows. Enable your mass storage. Open your Device Memory then go to appdata/rim/bda/icons. If you don't see the folder appdata, you need to enable show hidden folders in the Folder Options. If you cannot find any folder mentioned after appdata, just create new folder and name it accordingly.
  4. Now under appdata/rim/bda/icons create a new folder and named it the save as your GUID No. Mine is GBISXAPC00S03. Afterwards, go to the folder and just paste from one of the picture below or you can create your own or download all pictures below here.

  5. rename the file to "1-73-70.png"
  6. for it to take effect, you can do either changing for another theme and change it again or restart your Blackberry
  7. For other emails, just repeat the step
The icons above are only for Storm 1 (Blackberry 9500, 9530) and Storm 2 a.k.a Odin (Blackberry 9520, 9550). Other Blackberry devices use other dimensions; Javelin (8900), Bold (9000), Onyx (9700) 80x80pixels, Gemini (8520) 52x52pixels.
Share yours here 
Hope you enjoy it

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