Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tips: Optimize Blackberry's Battery Life


There are several opinions of how to optimize Blackberry's battery life, and here I present easy tips that I do and they work for me. Here are the tips:

  1. Switch to 2G Network
    yup if your Blackberry is capable to be in 3G network, the 3G speed is very tempting but it sucks more power from your battery at the same time. 2G network (GPRS/EDGE) will save more your battery life so if you use your Blackberry for merely chats and idle switch to 2G. When you need more speed to do more multitasking things, to download updates, to browse then you switch to 3G. 
  2. Turn off Wireless Connection
    always remember to turn off your wireless connection when you do not need it. When switched on, it will draw more power as it keeps searching for available wifi around
  3. Turn off Bluetooth
    turning off Bluetooth will help to save more your battery life. After done transferring or receiving files, do not forget to turn it off. 
  4. Recharge your Battery Often
    yup you read it correctly, recharge your Blackberry whenever you have the time to full. The battery technology has grown a lot, with lithium and lithium-polymer you do not need to wait until the battery to completely drain to charge. You only need to drain completely and recharge when you use nickel-cadmium battery. All blackberry phones or even all phones available in the market use lithium or lithium-polymer, only old technology still use nickel-cadmium.
    No need to wait until the battery indicator turns red, just recharge and overcharge for few hours is ok. I normally charge my Blackberry from 11PM to 8AM everyday and my battery is still in good condition.
  5. Change Your Brightness Setting
    Change your brightness setting to lower setting (Options > Screen/Keyboard). I set mine to the lowest. Make sure the setting Automatically Dim Backlight is On.
    Turn off LED Coverage Indicator will help to save more battery life as well.
  6. Turn Notification Off for High-traffic Email
    If you subscribe to mailing list that has high-traffic or your email is high-traffic turning off notification for that particular email will help.
If you have more useful tips to optimize battery's life just share in the comments

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