Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tips: How to Setup Blackberry Email Filters


Blackberry Email filter is used for a lot of purposes, you can use it to send certain email with level 1 notification, not push certain emails to your Blackberry, push only important emails etc. Hence, it can help you to organize your inbox to your taste.
Here is how to set filter from your Blackberry:
  1. Go to your Email Settings (Setup > Email Settings)
  2. Login to your Email Settings, if you already have username
  3. Choose which email you want to put filter on
  4. Press button  to go to filter wizard
  5. First screen is list out all filters applied to the email and also what to do when no filters apply. The default is forward messages to the device. Click Add Filter to enter new filter.

  6. Enter filter name, for example "email from colleague"

  7. Next, choose what field to filter on:

    1. CC address
    2. From address
    3. High priority email
    4. New email
    5. Subject
    6. To address
  8. After you choose what field, then you put what kind of content it has to be filtered. For example: I choose Field Subject that contains "project update"
  9. Click Add. You can add more conditions if you want to. For example: I want to be notified with level 1 notification for Subject contains "project update" that comes From address "ferdinand@drifesolution.com"
  10. Next you choose the action, whether to forward the messages or not. If you choose to forward then you have 2 options: header only (means you need to Get More to read the content, this is very unlikely used if you have unlimited plan) and level 1 notification (you can set level 1 notification on your profile)
  11. Click Save
For this tip, I setup 2 filters on my email:
  1. Do not forward me any emails that the subject contains "oot". OOT stands for "Out of Topic"
  2. Give me level 1 notification for email with subject contains "project update" and comes from "ferdinand@drifesolution.com"

Note: here is some notes to be considered when designing filter for your Blackberry
  1. the contains is case-insensitive and uses wildcard characters (*). So filter email with subject "project update" and "Project Update" will catch email with subject "Project Update", "PROJECT UPDATE", "this month prOject Update", "latest project update of this week" and other combinations
  2. if you put more than 1 condition, like in my example; subject "project update" or from "ferdinand@drifesolution.com". It will be read like this: Forward messages to this device with level 1 notification if the subject contains "project update" or "ferdinand@drifesolution.com". Means any condition results true, the filter will be applied
  3. Filters on each email is read with precedence from top to bottom and applied immediately. For example if I create my above example filters in this order:

    1. Forward messages with subject "project update" or from "ferdinand@drifesolution.com"
    2. Do not forward messages with subject "oot"
    Filter no 2 will be failed if I receive email from "ferdinand@drifesolution.com" with subject "oot" because when it reads filter no 1 and results true, it will carry out the action immediately. So put more general filter on top then less general to the bottom.
  4. You can set filter from your PC as well by going to http://.blackberry.com
That's all. Happy trying :)

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