Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tips: Autotext Bahasa Indonesia


For those who get Blackberry Storm and Odin as their Blackberry and primary language is not English, SureType is a no no. You will get frustrated or worse throwing your Blackberry as typing can be as pain as hell. If you use Indonesian as primary language worry no more, as you can inject Autotext that is built by someone (anyone know who the first one build this?) into your Blackberry. Immediately, you will fall in love all over again with SureType as it is the best one-handed operation typing.
Here is how

  1. Make sure you backup your Blackberry using Blackberry Desktop Manager before performing this. Here is how to backup: 
    1. Connect your Blackberry with your Desktop
    2. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager
    3. Click Backup and Restore
    4. Click Backup
    5. Choose where you want to save in your Desktop
  2. After your backup is complete, click Advanced (in Backup and Restore) and click File>Open
  3. Choose the autotext IPD you have downloaded and then choose the database you want to transfer to your Blackberry.
  4. Click  wait until it finishes
  5. Done
You can download the following autotext:
Now you can type much much faster with SureType :D happy trying.
For Storm 1 users, I recommend using autotext 5k words as memory limitation it has and work more words as you use it.

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