Friday, February 26, 2010

Edit Before Reply/Forward


The limitation to edit your email before replying or forwarding to add comments or correct some misspelling is annoying and that exactly what happens when you reply/forward with Blackberry. Worry further not because now there is a small app that can help you to edit email in your inbox before replying/forwarding, it's called "Forward, Reply and Edit". This  small app will give you the ability to edit before replying/forwarding. You can download this small app in the following link Forward, Reply and Edit

After install, you will need to send an email to anyone in order to activate the app. Afterwards you can go to your email and press the Blackberry menu to choose Forward & Edit or Reply & Edit or Reply All & Edit

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seesmic: Twitter Blackberry App


After I received information from a mailing list about another twitter application; Seesmic. I directly download it and test it in my Storm. First impression, the application gives a very clean UI and it loads the timeline very fast. Seesmic Twitter app is only 225.7KB so it is easy in your memory
With less tweaking in options and no support for multi-accounts yet, this is a good alternative to Ubertwitter. 
Give it a try, just go to from your Blackberry.

Happy try.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blackberry Gemini 8520 get an official update


A new official OS for Blackberry Gemini 8520 just come out and this time, it is released by Fido carrier. You can grab it here
Blackberry Gemini 8520 Official Update

Remember:  Don't forget to backup your Blackberry before the update. Delete the vendor file if you come from different carrier

Good luck :)

Review Storm Official OS


After days of testing the new official OS for my Storm, the, I will say this is the best OS so far in terms of memory drain. The memory drain is very little, The first time, I don't need to use "QuickPull" for the whole 24 hours. Even in the next morning, I will still have like 14MB of free memory.
All this is with my normal usage, BBM, Yahoo Messenger, Browser, 1 active Mailing List around 300+ emails per day, and 1 quite active personal email.

Battery life, I don't see much improvements comparing to the previous OS I don't see any noticeable major improvements while using it. If you know, please tell me.