Monday, July 5, 2010

Lose Your Phone Book No More


I have heard a lot of horror stories people losing their mobile phones either left at public places or by criminal action, or simply your phones had "heart attack" and just died and refuse to revive from its state. It just happened to my in-law and friend, my in-law's phone suddenly just died when she needed to contact her client while the latter got his Blackberry spilled with water and got short-circuit.

Losing a phone is not as hurt as losing all the data inside, especially your phone book. Your list of vital clients, their numbers, emails, addresses can be very hazardous for your health (sorry for the bad pun :P ) or your business. Recovering from the dead phone will not be easy either, normally, it involves flashing ROM which means erasing all the data a.k.a restore to factory settings. So before it happens, prepare yourselves. Here is few options you can choose:
  1. Sync your Blackberry via Desktop Manager with your desktop organizer app
    I use Windows and Outlook so synchronizing my contacts, tasks, memos, and calendars are part of my daily backup. Just plug my Blackberry Storm, turn on Desktop Manager and it will sync automatic. Backing up all my important organizer data.
    You can setup one by following this step by step:

    1. Open your Blackberry Desktop Manager and click Synchronize
    2. Click Configure>Synchronization
    3. Click Synchronization to enter the setup wizard
    4. At the wizard you will ask what data to synchronize. There are Calendar, Memopad, Address Book, Tasks or basically your all organizer data. Click on the data you want to setup then click Setup.
    5. You will ask to put your organizer desktop application you want to sync to and the direction. I choose one way from device to desktop for my address book as I always add/edit/delete from my Blackberry.

    6. After done with the wizard. Make sure you tick Synchronize organizer data and then click Synchronize to sync. If you want to sync every time you connect your Blackberry, tick Synchronize the selected items when your device is connected to the Blackberry Desktop Manager
    7. That's all, now every time you connect it will sync your organizer data to your desktop application
  2. Wireless Synchronization to Your Google Account
    If you use Gmail as one of your email, this could be the easiest way to backup your contacts.

    1. In your Blackberry, go to Setup>Email Settings
    2. Log in to your email settings, if you already have a user
    3. Choose which gmail account you want to sync and open it
    4. There is an option for Synchronization Options, tick 
    5. Save it
    It take a while before the sync kicking, you can read further from KB19270
  3. Backup Regularly with Desktop Manager
    If you are not using any Desktop Organizer Application and not using GMail, you still can backup your contacts but it is required some discipline to make sure it is up-to-date

    1. Open Desktop Manager and connect your Blackberry
    2. Click Backup & Restore
    3. Click Backup
    4. Choose where you want to save it & click Save
  4. Use 3rd-party Apps
    There are 3rd-party apps that offer backing up your contacts as one of the features. You can use free services like from they provide backup all your Blackberry data OTA with reasonable price. Or you can search in appworld to find alternatives for backup your contacts.

    If you are in Indonesia and happened to use Indosat, they bundle smrtguard and name it i-guard.
Do it now :)

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