Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monitor Your Traffic Usage


If you live in the country where there is quota for your Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), it is sure you need to monitor your traffic and get alert when it reaches near your quota. You can use this free Blackberry application to monitor the download and upload in your handheld.

It can show data traffic for daily and monthly. You can set on what date to reset for month summary in the configuration as well as the decimal precision.

When I installed, it asked permission to connect to its server to download a license key but it didn't ask anything about paying the app.

You can download it OTA from
Happy trying

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Personalized Blackberry Barcode


RIM just announced few days ago, that it will bring up some changes to Blackberry Messenger. They want to make sure you have the latest Blackberry Messenger, which is to enjoy this. The first change is, now you can personalize your Blackberry Messenger Barcode via Facebook app.

Go to this link Barcode Generator and login to your Facebook account to personalize your Blackberry Barcode. It will ask you to enter your Blackberry PIN then you can choose the number of themes. Afterwards you have an option to put the new personalized barcode in your Facebook Profile, or send it to your email. If you choose to put in your Facebook Profile, you can pick your Blackberry Device :)

Opera Mini 5 Out of Beta


After months in Beta now you can download the stable version of Opera Mini 5, just go to from your phone and give it a try. It comes with a tabbed browsing though I find this to be useful but very heavy in my memory. I experience a bit lagging in my storm. This browser also gives an option to open in Blackberry browser or Opera every time you open a link.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capture Your Blackberry Screen


Capturing what your Blackberry is displaying is required sometimes. It can be for review you write in your blog, show your highest score in game, or capture an issue with your Blackberry and share it with your community. There are number of ways to accomplish this,

1. JL_Cmder (Java Loader Commander)
A command tool provided by Blackberry to display information about your handheld, event log of your handheld, take a screenshot of your Blackberry screen, erase the Blackberry OS and restore to factory settings. You need to install this into your computer and connect your Blackberry in order to use this.

Pre-requisite: Blackberry Desktop Manager

2. BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss-Army Knife)
This program is developed by the team at RIMGeeks. This tool provides more functions then JL_Cmder and with a GUI. Connect your Blackberry in order to capture your Blackberry screen and save it into your computer

Pre-requisite: .Net Framework 2.0

3. CaptureIt
This app runs in your Blackberry so this app can be very handy when you are far from your computer.
After installing,  you will see a new option "Capture It" in your Blackberry menu. The screenshot is automatically saved in your the "Pictures" folder.