Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook for Blackberry Got Updated to


Facebook for Blackberry just got an update to version and is ready to be downloaded from App World. Some are reporting the response is much faster than previous version. Download Facebook

Monday, August 16, 2010

AT&T Blackberry Torch Commercial


Latest commercial from AT&T Blackberry Torch. Stress more on the fun :) not the functionality. Take a look

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UPDATED: Download the New Updated Blackberry Messenger v5.0.1.38


The Blackberry Messenger just get updated to version Rumors from those who have tried said there is new interface, an update to contact photos, searching contact list, and it is faster than I'm downloading it and will post how it is going.
Hit the link to download OTA
Download Blackberry Messenger OTA

Update: Finished download and installation. Here is a short review from me
  • New interface: the overall layout gets updated, it feels more spacious now (I use font size 7) as the row height is taller than before. Conversation style gets updated too, bubbles & stripes with blue and gray alternate colors. View My Profile has been rearranged; barcode is shown in top region. Now all incoming messages in Chat Window have yellow bulb icon indicating new message, grey bulb indicated read message.
  • Menu management: contact menu gets clubbed. Contact gives options to contact the person via PIN, email, call, SMS, MMS. Invite Conference term has been changed to New Multiperson Chat 
  • More things to set in options: press and choose Options, you can set Contact List Style to 2 Lines or 1 line, option to delete Backup Files
  • Separate SMS and BBM: now no message mixing anymore between those two, but if you want to you can set in Options.
  • In my Storm, I notice the lag is more if I use Conversation Style: Bubbles or Stripes. I think it is because of the new interface is heavier. So if you still want to use this version, use Conversation Style: No Border to avoid lag.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tricks: Change Signal Bar to Signal Meter for Blackberry Touchscreen


During my post "Do Different Grip and Measure Your Signal Meter with Antenna Meter", I mentioned that for Blackberry non-touchscreen can change the signal bar to signal meter by pressing alt + NMLL. I thought there is no way to achieve this in touchscreen as the virtual keyboard cannot be shown at home screen but I just found the trick to achieve it. Here is how to accomplish the trick:
  1. Go to Options>Screen/Keyboard
  2. Set Left or Right Convenience Key Opens to Virtual Keyboard
  3. Set Portrait View Keyboard to Full Keyboard
  4. Hit Save 
  5. Go to your home screen, press your Left or Right Button, depends on what you set. A virtual keyboard will be shown
  6. Press & hold then press !,"" (punctuation mark, comma, double quote, double quote)
Now your signal bar will change to signal meter, to get back signal bar just repeat the steps. Happy trying.

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    Tips: How to Organize Blackberry Messenger Contact


    For those having hundreds of contacts in Blackberry Messenger, you often get hard time to find a contact or you need to scroll all the way down just to get to it. It can be buried deep down in single category or the person use a weird character so you can't find it using the find function. Organizing your contact and a bit tuning up your Blackberry Messenger might save you a lot of time, here is few ways to organize it:

    Categorize Your Contacts
    You can create new category to classify your contact. It can be based on what kind of relationship you have, such as family, colleagues, clients etc or based on contact frequency like often, seldom, never. This will help in finding your contact. Here is how:
    1. Go to Blackberry Messenger 
    2. Press  menu and choose Add Category
    3. Give the new category a name and hit OK
    4. Choose from list of contacts to move to the new category
    5. Hit Ok when you are done
    To move a contact to existing category:
    1. Choose the contact
    2. Press  menu and choose Move Contact
    3. Select the new category
    4. Hit OK to move it
    Rename Your Contact Name
    If you go your contact list, you might notice some of your friends/contacts use special character, e.g. Ғє̲̣̣ЯΔiп̥aп̥Δ , If I use this as my name, you can't find me via find function. So if you have someone in BBM whom you often contact, use special char and of course, asking them to change their name to use standard characters will be near impossible, here is the workaround:
    1. Choose the contact
    2. Press  menu and choose Contact Profile
    3. Change the Display Name to something more meaningful for you. (You can reset it to default if you change your mind)
    4. Press  menu and Save
    With this, you can use find function to find them quickly :)

    Sort Your Contact
    If you have a lot of active chats in your Blackberry Messenger and app Messages, that compile all your message from different media into one place, is not your fave, finding the recent chat will be troublesome as it is sorted based on alphabets. You can change the sorting to be based on activity, so your recent chat will be on top and the last active will be at the bottom. To change it, take these steps:
    1. Go to your Blackberry Messenger again
    2. Press  menu and press Options
    3. Change Sort Chats By from Alphabet to Activity
    4. Hit Save
    Happy trying.

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Tips: Turn Your Blackberry to Emergency Flashlight


    If you are caught up in the dark or power failure and with only Blackberry in your hand, like most people do. (People don't bring around flashlight but they will have their Blackberry close hehe). Here is quick steps to turn your Blackberry to flashlight without any app:
    1. Press your camera shortcut button, the default is the right-side button. You will go to camera
    2. Press  menu then choose Video Camera. You will enter video camera mode
    3. Press  menu, press options
    4. Change Video Light from Off to On
    5. Hit Save 
    The flash will light up and only turn off when you change the options back to Off or when the screen is dimmed. Now, there will be light.

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    Tips: How to Change Your Icon Email Name


    If you have a lot of emails push to your Blackberry, like mine I have 8 emails set in my Storm for a lot of different purposes, from private mail, mailing list to my business, this tip is gonna help you a lot. Here is how:

    1. Go to Email Settings
    2. Log In to your BIS Email Settings
    3. Choose one of your email
    4. Change the Email Account Name to anything you like
    5. Hit Save
    So with this, you can change from a boring name to something more meaningful or whatever you like it.
    Happy trying

    Note: If you wonder why all my emails don't use the default icon, hit here to custom it