Friday, July 2, 2010

Tips: How to Re-Arrange Your Blackberry Application


For those who just get a Blackberry and find you waste a lot of time to navigate to your Blackberry Messenger , Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, Gtalk or even ICQ (anybody still use ICQ? I still remember my ID though :D ) . Or open your email, you just set, way down so you need to scroll to the bottom. You are starting to get frustrated and your thumb is aching of scrolling, tapping. Here is how to re-arrange your Blackberry Application so the most frequent/ your favorite applications are placed conveniently, just a thumb away.
Re-arrange items:

  1. Choose the application icon you want to move. For this example, I want to move my SMS & MMS application from bottom of the screen to the top of my screen
  2. Press  and choose Move
  3. Now, scroll up to choose new position. afterwards just hit again and choose complete move
Move your frequently used Blackberry Application to home folder:

  1. Go to where your application located. For example: I want to move my Blackberry Messenger to home folder. Currently, it is located in Instant Messaging folder
  2. Press  and choose Move to Folder and select Home to move to home page
  3. After you move the application to Home folder, normally it will located at the bottom. Just re-arrange it to put in other position
That's all. Happy trying :)

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