Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Package from INDOSAT "Paket Irit"


I got the news from INDOSAT mailing list that they launch a new BIS package soon but for those who cannot wait they can give it a try.
News from those who test it, the package is the same as BIS reguler package minus WiFi. It means you can browse, chat & social network with cheaper price in one of the biggest provider here in Indonesia. They call it "paket irit", it will be available as daily, weekly and monthly package
Here is the tariff details:

  • Irit Harian Rp 4.500
  • Irit Mingguan Rp 26.000
  • Irit Bulanan Rp 100.000
If you want to try, you can call *123*6# then response "1" for Blackberry on Demand. Response "1" for Info, then "9" (you still cannot see the menu, but it's there). Choose "Irit Harian", "Irit Mingguan" or "Irit Bulanan" afterwards you will receive confirmation message.

Or you can SMS with format "Irit Harian" for daily, "Irit Mingguan" for weekly, and "Irit Bulanan" for monthly to 889

The confirmation message said Rp 4.500 for 1 week and the news said Rp 4.500 for 1 day. We will wait for official news from Indosat. Happy trying :)

Update: this package will give you all access as full package "BIS Reguler", from BBM, chats, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Browser, Email with unlimited bandwidth via APN blackberry. The only difference is if your Blackberry has wifi capability, you can't use APN blackberry via wifi anymore. INDOSAT blocks APN blackberry via the wifi access. For some Blackberry handhelds, like mine Blackberry Storm, this limitation has no effect at all, as Blackberry Storm doesn't come with wifi.
People normally use wifi to connect when they are out of network coverage and/or in overseas. For the price of mentioned above, that is definitely worth it :)

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