Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Have Hundreds Unopened Email, Help Me!


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Have you experienced receiving hundred mails in  1 day? I do, everyday actually, it is because I joined 1 very active mailing list. Which of course I don't really read those mails one by one. Sometimes I just browse through and pick interesting subject. If the subject is indeed interesting then I do some filtering for the subject only.

The beauty of Blackberry Storm and its younger brother Odin is filtering a subject or from mail as easy as 1-2-3. What you need to do just tap and hold, in this matter, the subject. After 1 or 2 seconds there is a highlight moving across the subject, next it will display all emails with the related subject. Of course some of you will say, why don't use GMail Plugin if we use GMail. As you may know, GMail plugin will make your email on your Blackberry looks like web-based GMail, which lists in threads.. First, this works on any email on your Blackberry, second GMail Plugin takes too much memory for just a simple features.

After you browse and read some of your emails, what's next. You still have hundreds unopened mails. This what I normally do. This really save you a lot of time.

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  1. tap on the date bar
  2. press Blackberry menu. Choose Mark Prior Opened
  3. Click Yes and you are done :)
  4. If you want to delete all, you simply go to Blackberry menu and choose Delete Prior

Friday, May 14, 2010

Where My Blackberry Memory Goes


Have you wondered what data eats your Application Memory, why over time your Blackberry seems getting slower or why now your Blackberry requests a battery pull / reset more often than before. Of course this can be caused by a lot of things such as new application installed, or some changes in application settings and many more. One way to check is by checking your Blackberry Database Sizes. You can accomplish this by going to Options > Status, press Blackberry menu and select Database Sizes. Afterwards it will display a list of database with its sizes.

Blackberry Database Sizes

Here is the description of each Database, so you can know which database use the most of your Application Memory
Address BookStores the contents of the Address Book.
Address Book OptionsStores Address Book settings. 
Alarm OptionsStores the settings for the Alarm program.
Attachment DataStores attachments that have been viewed on the device. 
Attachment OptionsStores user-defined settings for the Attachment Viewer.
AutoTextContains the dictionary for automatic substitution of commonly misspelled words while you type. For example, adn > and.
Browser BookmarksContains the bookmarks for web pages in the Browser application.
Browser Channels Lists the channels the Browser is subscribed to. For example, weather updates.
Browser Data CacheHolds cached data from the Browser.
Browser FoldersAllows sorting bookmarks into various folders.
Browser OptionsContains Browser setting information.
Browser Push OptionsContains push content settings for the BlackBerry Browser.
Browser URLs Contains a list of the URLs that have been typed into the Browser on the device.
CalendarStores the contents of the Calendar.
Calendar OptionsStores Calendar settings.
CategoriesAllows you to sort various Addresses, Appointments, Tasks and Memos by category.
Content StoreContains pictures and other content stored on the device.
Default Service Selector
Stores the custom word list on the 7100 series handhelds.
Defines the default message service.
Email Filters Holds the settings for filters applied to incoming messages to the device.
Email SettingsDefines the way messages are sent and received on the device.
Firewall OptionsEnables or disables the firewall.
Folder Id Determines which folder a message is filed to.
FoldersLists the user-created folders in the Inbox.
Handheld AgentContains diagnostic information about the device.
Handheld Key StoreSecurely stores encryption keys for encrypted communication and signing.
Key Store OptionsConfigures options for the Handheld Key Store
MemoPad OptionsStores MemoPad settings.
MemosContains the memos stored on the device.
Message List OptionsDefines the way Messages are displayed in the Messages application.
MessagesContains all the messages on the device.
OptionsStores miscellaneous configuration options.
Phone Call LogsLogs phone calls made to and from the device.
Phone HotlistStores the list of phone numbers on the device.
Phone OptionsStores Phone settings
PolicyStores the IT Policy for the device.
ProfilesContains the various device alerts. For example, a vibration for a new calendar appointment, or a tone when a new message arrives.
Profiles OptionsSelects the current profile for device alerts.
Purged MessagesContains a reference for messages deleted from the device.
Quick ContactsStores telephone numbers in the Speed Dial list.
Random PoolStores numbers to securely generate random numbers for encryption.
Recipient Cache  Contains encryption profiles for the people you communicate with.
Ribbon Bar PositionsSets the sequence of icons for the home screen of the device.
RMS DatabasesStores information about registered applications.
Service BookStores all the service books that allow the device to access various services.
SMS Messages Contains Short Message System (SMS) messages sent to and from the BlackBerry.
TasksLists the Task items on the BlackBerry device.
TLS OptionsConfigures Transport Layer Security settings.
Trusted Key StoreContains the Trusted Keys for the device.
WAP Push MessagesContains information from Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) push services.
WTLS OptionsContains settings for Wireless Transport Layer Security.

The list above is taken from Blackberry Knowledge Base. From this, you can know whether it is your data that occupies most of your Application Memory or there are others more hindering.