Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tips: How to Organize Blackberry Messenger Contact


For those having hundreds of contacts in Blackberry Messenger, you often get hard time to find a contact or you need to scroll all the way down just to get to it. It can be buried deep down in single category or the person use a weird character so you can't find it using the find function. Organizing your contact and a bit tuning up your Blackberry Messenger might save you a lot of time, here is few ways to organize it:

Categorize Your Contacts
You can create new category to classify your contact. It can be based on what kind of relationship you have, such as family, colleagues, clients etc or based on contact frequency like often, seldom, never. This will help in finding your contact. Here is how:
  1. Go to Blackberry Messenger 
  2. Press  menu and choose Add Category
  3. Give the new category a name and hit OK
  4. Choose from list of contacts to move to the new category
  5. Hit Ok when you are done
To move a contact to existing category:
  1. Choose the contact
  2. Press  menu and choose Move Contact
  3. Select the new category
  4. Hit OK to move it
Rename Your Contact Name
If you go your contact list, you might notice some of your friends/contacts use special character, e.g. Ғє̲̣̣ЯΔiп̥aп̥Δ , If I use this as my name, you can't find me via find function. So if you have someone in BBM whom you often contact, use special char and of course, asking them to change their name to use standard characters will be near impossible, here is the workaround:
  1. Choose the contact
  2. Press  menu and choose Contact Profile
  3. Change the Display Name to something more meaningful for you. (You can reset it to default if you change your mind)
  4. Press  menu and Save
With this, you can use find function to find them quickly :)

Sort Your Contact
If you have a lot of active chats in your Blackberry Messenger and app Messages, that compile all your message from different media into one place, is not your fave, finding the recent chat will be troublesome as it is sorted based on alphabets. You can change the sorting to be based on activity, so your recent chat will be on top and the last active will be at the bottom. To change it, take these steps:
  1. Go to your Blackberry Messenger again
  2. Press  menu and press Options
  3. Change Sort Chats By from Alphabet to Activity
  4. Hit Save
Happy trying.

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