Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UPDATED: Download the New Updated Blackberry Messenger v5.0.1.38


The Blackberry Messenger just get updated to version Rumors from those who have tried said there is new interface, an update to contact photos, searching contact list, and it is faster than I'm downloading it and will post how it is going.
Hit the link to download OTA
Download Blackberry Messenger OTA

Update: Finished download and installation. Here is a short review from me
  • New interface: the overall layout gets updated, it feels more spacious now (I use font size 7) as the row height is taller than before. Conversation style gets updated too, bubbles & stripes with blue and gray alternate colors. View My Profile has been rearranged; barcode is shown in top region. Now all incoming messages in Chat Window have yellow bulb icon indicating new message, grey bulb indicated read message.
  • Menu management: contact menu gets clubbed. Contact gives options to contact the person via PIN, email, call, SMS, MMS. Invite Conference term has been changed to New Multiperson Chat 
  • More things to set in options: press and choose Options, you can set Contact List Style to 2 Lines or 1 line, option to delete Backup Files
  • Separate SMS and BBM: now no message mixing anymore between those two, but if you want to you can set in Options.
  • In my Storm, I notice the lag is more if I use Conversation Style: Bubbles or Stripes. I think it is because of the new interface is heavier. So if you still want to use this version, use Conversation Style: No Border to avoid lag.

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