Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tricks: Change Signal Bar to Signal Meter for Blackberry Touchscreen


During my post "Do Different Grip and Measure Your Signal Meter with Antenna Meter", I mentioned that for Blackberry non-touchscreen can change the signal bar to signal meter by pressing alt + NMLL. I thought there is no way to achieve this in touchscreen as the virtual keyboard cannot be shown at home screen but I just found the trick to achieve it. Here is how to accomplish the trick:
  1. Go to Options>Screen/Keyboard
  2. Set Left or Right Convenience Key Opens to Virtual Keyboard
  3. Set Portrait View Keyboard to Full Keyboard
  4. Hit Save 
  5. Go to your home screen, press your Left or Right Button, depends on what you set. A virtual keyboard will be shown
  6. Press & hold then press !,"" (punctuation mark, comma, double quote, double quote)
Now your signal bar will change to signal meter, to get back signal bar just repeat the steps. Happy trying.

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